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Our team is exceptional, local and know what works.


Dear Parents,

I’m Edwin Edangelus Cheng, Academic Principal of Scribo Campus.

My team and I have specialised for 10 years in transforming the English grades of struggling students quickly and in time for their crucial English writing exam papers.

Our results speak for themselves. 3 out of 4 students improve by 2 Grades or more and 8/10 students achieve their A / A* in English writing.

My career started as a school-appointed Head of Department (English), as well as an MOE-appointed Subject Head (Curriculum Innovation). With Scribo Campus, we have brought everything that we know works into a scalable digital campus for any student to attend and benefit from.

My specialisation is in making learning more engaging and effective for students and through our online Scribo Campus engagements, we have deployed our proven model for all on the world class AI English writing platform – Scribo from Literatu.

Our unique pedagogy and approach to teaching English using Formulas has been so successful in helping students achieve remarkable improvements that they have been recognised across Asia. With this now coupled into the Scribo platform, improving English writing just got supercharged.

Scribo Campus opens our unique proven ways up to all students in Singapore. Come join us. We will get you the results you want from anywhere you like to work.

People, pedagogy and platform are the critical 3P's to lift student writing skills.

Our primary experts build programs to engage students, build confidence and get results.

Building engaging content that gives direction and structure is the key to improving Primary writing skills. When students see how to repeatably lift their grades using simple and effective techniques, there is nothing that can stop them.

We are here to answer questions and monitor your work.

Our secondary experts build and amplify critical writing skills to maximise scores.

Secondary students must learn clear strategies and  techniques to deconstruct writing tasks into a repeatable high scoring response. It’s got nothing to do with memorising text.

This is key to improving Secondary writing skills. Our  weekly practice questions coupled with Scribo instant feedback drives student success. 

We are here to make sure questions are answered and results are awesome.

The Scribo AI Writing improvement platform

Scribo is a writing improvement platform, built on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our  purpose is to deliver personalised guidance and  feedback to all writers in seconds, with way more support than basic Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling advice. Feedback is delivered across eight(8) core writing elements.

Scribo has won several international awards and is used in schools across the world by over 400,00 users.

Scribo Campus combines a proven pedagogy to improve writing with personalised online feedback and guidance.

Everything we do is targeted to helping all levels of students excel in English exams and assessment. Scribo even auto-scores student responses.

Our AI BOT ‘Scribot’ keeps students engaged on their personal learning path. No-one is ever lost in a sea of worksheets and sending images of text to tutors.

Every week, each writing lesson is structured and sets a clear progression to the next writing event.

Parents are fully engaged with all progress of their child. The ‘write groove’ report records every Scribo and Tutor interaction with comprehensive task completion detail. Parents have access to the Groove report in one click. 


Core features include:

1. Scribo uses AI to generate personalised feedback on your writing. Instant feedback helps your learning stay on track and improving.

2. Scribo Campus brings together expert human English tutors your the feedback loop. Click to talk to a tutor. Every tutor knows how to help you the second you make contact. All of our tutors are expert English Teachers.

3. Scribo Campus tracks your improvement, sending you tailored revision activities and invites to targeted webinars you should attend.

4. Scribo Campus is about helping students improve their writing skills with fully structured writing tasks supported by expert tutor videos.

5. Scribo Campus has a complete Parent communication built in. There is complete transparency in Scribo.