Lift student engagement, deliver accurate AI feedback, target teaching using data, and save time.

Scribo helps English and humanities teachers overcome three big challenges.

  1. Lift engagement 

    Get students writing more, more often. Scribo AI guides students with writing scaffolds that engage and encourage students to write more. Let  ‘AI’ be your Additional Instructor.

  2. Support writing – save time spent

    Personalised feedback and guidance lifts student writing skills. Scribo gives personalised feedback to students as they write; teachers save time while staying connected to students.

  3. Target teaching

    Scribo tracks student progress across key elements of writing. Use data to drive remediation activities to save time and personalise learning for each student. 
Literatu literatu

Our unique teacher-first approach drives everyone
to write better, quicker.

1. Engage students in writing more

  • Create writing activities using AI in less than a minute.
  • Create scaffold and writing plan support to guide writing. 
  • Engage students with your lesson plans and activities.
  • Access a large curriculum based library. 
  • Work with K12 through to IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL and University.

2. Support writing with great feedback

  • Monitor progress for each student across any class.
  • Scribo delivers personalised writing feedback in seconds.
  • Scribo feedback activates self-directed learning for students across multiple writing attributes.
  • Scribo gives an instant score with guidance on how to improve. Students love improving their work.
  • Engage students with Peer Review.

3. Target teaching using data.

  • Capture data from every student interaction.
  • See into writing skills that are growing, steady or slowing.
  • Roll up data to cohort level across a range of criteria.
  • Let teachers follow their teacher-sense to make sense.
  • Assign remediation exercises to help close learning gaps.
  • Reporting is sensational and very flexible. 

Scribo supports teacher and student initiatives

Target Teaching

  • Identify where writing skills are improving instantly.
  • Understand where more teaching is needed by skill, by cohort, class, genre, and teacher. Data rolls up to district levels.
  • Teachers can look into Dashboards that unpack writing skills, growth and concerns in seconds. 
  • Compare writing activities side by side to see where teaching is working or not.
  • Remediate writing skills with instant micro-lessons that target student areas of concern with engaging lessons.
  • Use AI to create remediation micro-courses. Presto uses AI to create several types of instant engagements that students can complete on any device.
  • Build a library for the school, opening up great ideas to all teachers.
  • Save time personalising student remediation. 
  • Track student progress and engagement.
  • Open a complete Groove report that shows each student’s complete history and journey.

Plan and guide writing

  • Create a baseline writing assessment to profile where students need more help. It takes 30 minutes to assess and score a cohort of students.
  • Run regular ‘cold-writes’ to establish who is growing skills and who needs more help.
  • Re-engage students with exciting and current writing topics across all levels of writing. Scribo has a library of levelled writing activities with scaffolds, planning guides and exemplars to get students writing more. 
  • Create your own writing activities using AI to deploy what you want for any topic, in minutes. It’s not always about ‘Sally and John’.
  • Planning and scaffolding support can be created and attached to your own writing tasks by AI in minutes.  
  • Experiment with engagement, topics and levels of writing support. Find what works for you and be ‘that teacher’ who engages students with original ideas and topics.
  • Students organise and plan their approach to writing supported by inclusive and diverse interactive media. Planning support can vary per task and student if needed and can be highly personalised.
  • Link Google for Edu videos into the planning and guidance media. Vary engagements to harness student energy.

Support writing- Instruct

  • Scribo delivers instant writing feedback that puts everyone on the same page. All student feedback is visible to teachers. 
  • Students are encouraged to self-direct their own learning. Using instant feedback and guidance, they love lifting their scores by knowing where to refine and edit their work.
  • Refine any feedback statement you want. Teachers can customise feedback messages coming from AI.
  • Eliminate correction time for standard grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Scribo handles these in seconds and works with students to improve. 
  • Scribo builds feedback for sentences, context, argument, genre, vocabulary, tone and voice…just to name a few.  Turn feedback elements on or off for students. 
  • Scribo AI gives teachers the flexibility of using their preferred rubrics for grading, fact checking, and other improvement suggestions.
  • Ask AI anything about your student’s text. Suggest a paragraph rewrite, sentence reword…anything you would like to pass onto the student instantly in feedback, Scribo can help.

Review and Feedback

  • Personalise and remediate learning gaps with targeted micro lessons, in the presto learning library.
  • Scribo instant writing feedback puts everyone on the same page. All student feedback is visible to their teacher. 
  • Scribo feedback auto-calibrates for Primary to Year 12, altering the levels of feedback and guidance automatically.
  • Support the importance of revision and editing to improve. Scribo highlights where errors are impacting their overall result, and explains what to do next.
  • Look into student revisions to see progress. Check for GPT created work in a single click.
  • Ask AI anything about your student’s text. Suggest a paragraph rewrite, sentence reword…anything you would like to pass onto the student instantly in feedback.
  • Teachers add their own feedback in any language to give specific suggestions to enhance writing skills. Voice, text and voice to text options save feedback time.
  • Feedback becomes a conversation with students with feedback chat open for all interactions.
  • Reduce grading and scoring time with Scribo Scoring intelligence. Scribo scores all student writing for all genres, years and subjects with grading parameters that can be fine tuned by teachers. 
  • Scribo also can use your rubric to grade your way – automatically.