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increase learning engagement

With so much learning content available, teachers know what they are looking for and want. It takes time to find good lesson content and more time to make it, until now. No teacher wants more to do but happily work with tools that reduce time and increase engagement.

  • Over 80% of teachers lack the time they want to innovate their lesson delivery.
  • Over 90% see student engagement as being a big part of lesson and learning success. 
  • The same 80% of teachers say doing something exciting is too hard to sustain. 

Presto Learning changes the whole simplify and engagement story line.

Presto Learning lets teachers and students:

  1. Create lessons and supporting courseware in minutes with highly engaging mobile-ready engagement.

  2. Add your content to templates for over 15 types of interactions. Images, videos, text, questions; all of the modalities you need in one place. 

  3. With a simple one click ‘Share to anywhere’ – students dont need to be ‘logged in’.  Put a QR code on the screen and get going.

  4. Every device is supported for inclusive access.

create LESSONS - ENGAGE studnets - easy

Presto Learning re-imagines what’s possible in lesson creation and delivery and let’s anyone achieve a result, in minutes.

No more web searches for PDF sheets to support lessons or worse, no more old formative assessment suites of aged questions and modalities.  Build a lesson, share a lesson. It’s that simple.

Let students create lessons and assessments to share back to the class.  Learning is, and should be, an omni-channel experience.

What people are saying

DELIVER multiple learning scenarios

How hard is it to start an English writing class? You have to get everyone ready to write and then there is the great challenge of what to write about, cover what you need to teach and …keep it all exciting and short! 

Here is a Presto lesson on pre-writing strategies.

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Set a scene, load the ideas up and get a paragraph written that does the feedback and grading for you.

The Cookie Thief – pre writing activity

Time to create – 10 minutes – Engagement – High


So when was the last time Grammar was a fun thing to do in your class. 

Old PDF worksheets and wasted time grading misses the engagement opportunity.

Teachers can browse the Presto library, chose a few lessons and share a link in minutes.

Students are instantly engaged with content and auto assessment to deliver insights to teachers on what went well and not so welll. Switch up gears for your high and low level students in seconds.

The Presto Library is complete

Why buy a book when there is a library in town

Search the library – check one out – share a link – 2 minutes or less

You have been slogging through text books for weeks. Time to mix it up. You found a great picture of a frog in a pond. Now its time to explore the ecosystem in words.

Click to open

Create time – 3 minutes – share a link sub – 1 minute – Engagement – High 

You have been trying to get cohesion and connectives working better in your classes. They need more time and you have to move on. 
You look in the Presto Library and really like the lesson on Connectives. It’s exactly what you have been working on and want them to practice.

You open the lesson, grab a Share code and drop it into Google Classroom. The students open the activity on the bus home and the parents think  this is what the future of learning

looks like 🙂

Create time – 1 minutes – share a link sub – 1 minute – Engagement – Super High