Campus writing support is curriculum aligned, interactive and structured.

Allowing each student to learn at their own pace is important. Many parents worry that their child is being left behind because they cant keep up with the class. Scribo Campus delivers a clear structure every week to build  and re-build skills and confidence in English writing. 

Your level of Campus subscription determines the number of weeks of structured content your child receives.  

Base Camp

Base Camp is a 10 month curriculum with a writing task and supporting materials ready to complete each month.


Sprint is a 4 week curriculum that has extensive workbook and video support. We call it Sprint because it is designed to make an immediate impact on lifting student skills.

From July 20, we are releasing an 8 week Sprint alongside the 4 week Sprint.


Sustain  is a 20 week extended curriculum based on Sprint, designed to build skills over a longer time line.

Continuous Improvement loops drive success.

Scribo Campus supports your child through every aspect of writing in a fully structured and engaging way. Our unique Continuous Improvement Loop has been developed over 10 years and is so effective, we offer a money back guarantee.  

Our weekly sprints build writing
skills and confidence week by week.


    Each week students start a new unit of practice writing.

    Key learning is delivered in stages through targeted teacher led videos and interactive workbooks to reinforce the skills.


    Students use Scribo to construct their response text or essay. 

    Scribo gives students immediate personalised writing feedback and support as they write.

    Scribo also calculates a score, advising where marks are being lost.  Simple errors often cost big grades and Scribo helps students fix them quickly.


    Students in Sprint and Sustain programs click to chat with specialist teachers live. 

    Teachers have full access to student work to add immediate comments and voice feedback.

    All transcripts and advice are recorded in the Groove report.


    Students receive exemplar essays showing what a model answer looks like.  It's one of our most popular features.

    If Scribo detects that students need to revise core English skills, Scribo AI assigns interactive quizzes to close these learning gaps. When these activities are complete, students move ahead to the next learning unit.


    Each week students in the Sprint and Sustain levels join a teacher led Master Class Webinar. Teachers ensure the week's learning impact is achieved with a 30 minute master class. 

    These Master Classes are available on line for future reference. They make for great revision before exams and assessment.


    AI monitors skill gaps needing remediation and assigns the best revision content to help re-enforce concepts. 

    Scribo Campus has thousands of curriculum revision questions that AI matches to each student. All activities are assigned, recorded and tracked in the Groove report.

    The combination of writing practice and skills refinement work in parallel to improve each student's writing ability. 


    Every interaction with students is recorded in their personal "Groove" timeline. As texts and remediation exercises are completed, Campus builds a writing growth profile. 

    The 'Write Groove' shows growth and areas needing attention. Students accumulate points for all type of engagements. Soon students can spend their Scribo "Aureus" on a range of gift cards.

    Email and messaging keeps parents and students informed.

  • Move forwards to next week's sprint

    A full week's Sprint should take between 1 - 1.5 hours.

    All courseware can be completed in 20 - 30 minutes a day. Some students complete the writing activity in evening. Self pacing effort is critical.

    When a week's activities are complete, students move to the next curriculum Sprint on a different range of skills.