Be English writer

Scribo Campus connects students and tutors with AI to develop strong English writing skills, wherever they are.

Scribo Campus is the world’s only dedicated online English writing improvement platform.  

We connect clever AI with expert English tutors to deliver an interactive writing improvement campus, dedicated to improving the English writing skills of every student.

Get instant feedback on your English writing

Let’s face it, learning to write English is hard work. It’s even harder without personalised feedback to help you focus on what to do next.

Scribo Campus connects you with both AI personalised feedback on your writing and  expert human tutors who know exactly how to help you improve.

Scribo Campus is available for K-12 , tertiary and IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC students.

Reach out to your expert tutor with Scribo ASK™

If you want more support, one click gets you in touch with one of our expert tutors.

They know what you are working on, where you need help and how to get you confidently back on track. Scribo Campus connects your writing with our tutors!

Scribo Campus also sends a full tutor transcript après session so you can reflect on the guidance and advice.

Ace every English writing exam and assessment

Scribo Campus gets you English exam ready without stress. Teacher-designed courseware and AI  personalised feedback make you a better writer using techniques that get results.

Scribo Campus includes curriculum aligned content, practice tests and skills development support to hone your writing skills quickly.

Take the stress out of exam prep and class based writing assessments.

Get in the 'write' groove and track improvement

Scribo Campus tracks improvement, where you need to stay focused and what’s going well. 

The ‘Write Groove’ is your interactive story board recounting your assessments and revision history. One click takes you through your texts, feedback and tutor chat history.

Your entire writing improvement journey is tracked in the Groove to enhance revision and guarantee success.

Plans that guarantee improvement

Skills Starter

Understandyour writing level now
$ 99 1 week assessment
  • Instant 24/7 Scoring & Personalised Feedback with SCRIBO™ AI Technology
  • Parent and Student report 
  • Exclusive access to SCRIBO™ Library; Grammar videos, worksheets & quizzes
  • Unlimited essay submissions
  • Ideal for students who need some extra help for their school essays OR are getting ready for tests / exams.

8 week Sprint

Find and close learning gaps
$ 729 8 week course
  • All of Skills Starter
  • 4 x Situational Writing & 4 x Continuous Writing Essay Topics
  • Weekly 2-hour LIVE SCRIBO™ Writing Class with Language Specialists (Total: 8 sessions)
  • Receive Weekly Reports on your child’s progress and access parent online dashboards.
  • Pre & Post Tests to measure your child’s improvement
  • Ideal for students who want to achieve that definitive breakthrough for writing and are:
    • already scoring at least: 21 marks for their Paper 1 Essays; OR
    • A2 (70% & above) for their English Exams

20 week Sustain

Master long-lasting writing skills
$ 1,599 20 week course
  • All Sprint features
  • MORE Situational Writing & Continuous Writing Essay Topics (Total: 10 + 10)
  • MORE Weekly 2-hour LIVE SCRIBO™ Writing Classes with Language Specialists (Total: 20 sessions)

  • Access recorded lessons of SCRIBO™ Writing Class for unlimited reviews

  • Personalise your child’s learning pathway with remediation activities
  • Real-Time Teacher Support Chat with SCRIBO™ ASK

Note: The Sustain Programme is specially designed to support all students, regardless of their current starting point in writing. What matters is that your child wants to become a better writer and is committed to completing the programme.

  • Performance Improvement Guaranteed for Sprint and Sustain packages