create micro courses that deliver macro impacts


build EDUCATIoNAL MICRO CoURSEs That HAVE a MACRO IMPACT on everyone - in minutes

Reduce the time and complexity of micro-course development in your school, business or global organisation. For too long, technology has made a big deal about something that is now simple.

From English writing tips to compliance updates to important on the job training and education, building, managing and distributing multi-pupose micro-courses can be one big macro hassle.

Presto learning removes the complexity of creating sensational micro-courses so you can focus on the simplicity of delivering the right materials to your engaged audience.

 your content + Presto =  an engaged audience 

What people are saying

PRESTO! create your micro-course


Prepare for change

Develop micro-courses that set up a change in mindset or process. Send the micro-course to phones to maximise engagement. Monitor access and completion.


Share new skills

Get mobile with skills development from experts within your company. Keep course short, on point and in constant flow. Never understimate the simple delivery of new ideas.


Prototype ideas

Build future big ideas from micro introductions and simulations. Keep surprises for birthdays with micro-course support and communications that engage people.