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give students the feedback they need

Research confirms that personalised feedback is a key driver of English writing improvement and success. 

Scribo AI creates and delivers personalised feedback to students in seconds.

  1. Feedback targets where students need to focus more. Scribo feedback looks into how they are writing, across 8 levels of analysis, many more than basic grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS).
  2. Feedback is available on demand, advising students on what to do next with integrated help.
  3. There are many feedback features that activate when students need to know. The feedback delivered is the feedback that is impacting the score the most.
  4. Feedback can be dynamically translated into any language.
All feedback is delivered without students waiting for teacher support. Teachers can connect with students and engage in much higher-level feedback without having to manage simple corrections.

updated feedback and a new Score – on every check

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Students love the Scribo Score feature. AI scores writing from 100, to show you where you are likely to lose marks and for what reasons. 

The feedback takes students through how to win grades back, with suggestions and lots of on-screen help. Everyone learns along the improvement journey.

Students can check any writing task they are working on, for any level of writing and subject they are writing for. 

Scribo AI caters for academic words and collocations across a range of subjects. All you have to do is tell Scribo the subject you are writing for.

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check ALL writing ANYTIME, quickly

Quickly profile any writing you are doing, for any subject. Scribo helps you achieve your best score.

Enter base details about your question, your targets and your subject. Scribo discovers the keywords and works its magic. In one click you have a Scribo Score and know what to do next.

Time to create – 1 minute. Engagement – High