Improve reading, LISTENING and comprehension skills

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ALL skills need practice and revision

Reading and comprehension skills need continual practice. The reading and listening passages need to be diverse and increase in difficulty, as do the inferencing questions that get asked. 

There is no effective way to learn and improve reading, listening  and comprehension skills other than to use well calibrated comprehesion and reading content with well structured assessment questions.

Presto Learning contains a library of Comprehension, Listening and Reading activities, aboe to be deployed by teachers, direct to a class for completion and assessment.

The Presto ENGLISH SKILLS library

Presto Learning has a comprehensive library of English skil activities. There are over 480 curriculum aligned resources that cover a range of topics ranging from:

Grammar, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Voice, tense, Comprehension, Reading, Listening and Speaking activites, just to name a few.


  • can search the library, selecting an appropriate level Comprehension, Listening and or Reading activity.
  • can quickly share the activity to the Class via a QR code, or links into Google Classroom, Teams, Whatsapp, or other social media stes. Each share code can require user login or be sharred to anyone with a link.
  • All learing activities are compatible with dektop and tablet and optimised for mobile delivery.
  • Teachers get statistics on usage, access and student scores