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Scribo gets you exam ready for writing

IELTS has four English skill components. Writing is the hardest exam, which some students re-do up to 5 times.

Writing, Comprehension, Speaking and Listening exams cause students a lot of angst. Failure in any one will drag down your overall score. Practice with the right level of support is critical across all skills.

IELTS WRITING is the toughEST test

Many students fail their Writing exam up to five times. To be confident in writing you need to practice your writing skills often, with feedback to help lift your skills each time you write. Bad habits need correction and a change in writing direction, and spell checking will not give you that.

Scribo has a comprehensive library of IELTS Practice Essay topics covering Academic and General IELTS writing tasks you can practice write, anytime.

Each essay topic has a guided writing scaffold to help you stay on point. Start your planning on your phone before you write, with a clear writing guide for each essay topic. There are 65 online writing tasks to choose from across 12 broad topics of examination such as Family, Environment and Education. Each essay also has an exemplar that shows you what a high-scoring answer looks like.

Scribo works alongside your writing practice in two key ways:

  1. Scribo gives you complete guidance and feedback on your writing as you practice. Scribo covers over 10 levels of writing analysis to deliver instant personalised feedback, in multiple languages.
  2. Scribo gives you a CEFR score for your writing every time you click on the writing check. You can see what the impact is on your score as you make changes to your text.

Feedback in Scribo is comprehensive and personalised to help you improve. 

Run a writing check anytime you like.

Scoring is aligned to CEFR levels. Students get a revised score every time they check their writing.

As you change sentences and vocabulary, you can instantly see how your score is impacted.  Scribo helps you know how to write for IELTS success. British Council students around the world use Scribo to check their writing progress every day.


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The challenge of essay writing on demand is met by knowing how to build an effective essay writing plan.  Find our writing guides on the left side of this page.

An effective essay planning technique called
D E T A I L S is a complete essay planning approach to help you work out what the question is, what you have to respond to and how to build your storyline.

If you take a moment to plan your writing, you will have a higher chance of IELTS writing success. 

Albert Einstein famously told his students that “good writing is clear thinking made visible.”

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