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Presto learning gets you exam ready

Speaking English in exam conditions is nerve racking. Vocabulary and the finer points of cohesion make a big difference to your overall score. Practicing different scenarios and word combinations makes you more confident and exam ready.

Presto gives you a full range of speaking examples and a detailed analysis for each word. Practice over and over, Presto will score you each time.

IELTS Speaking

Presto AI uses leading speech recognition technology designed specifically for assessing pronunciation and fluency.

Our vision is to make practicing and improving speaking possible without intensive 1 on 1 instruction. 

AI provides immediate pin-pointed feedback on mistakes at word level. This helps motivate and engage the learner to listen, see mistakes, and then try again. There is no limit to how many times a student can practice 30 second  scripted voice recordings. 

30 second speaking blocks bring out the best test results without being overbearing

Presto Speaking is a comprehensive AI driven assessment capability.

  1. Recount prepared reading scripts to get an instant score and assessment.
  2. Your speaking is scored against IELTS, CEFR, PTE and TOEFL in seconds.
  3. Try again and again.

Click on the speaking card and try Scribo Speaking.