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We are a passionate team of developers and educators who like many people, write every day, sometimes all day! Good English writing skills not only power all of today’s digital communication, they are the most sought after skills employers look for. Everyone knows that to improve writing skills, students need more time, feedback and guidance; three elements that are all hard to find in one place when you need them.

The most challenging word for all students learning to write English is the adjective ‘more’. To get better at writing students simply need to practice more. More practice means students need more feedback and without quality feedback, students rarely improve or learn past their current level. Scribo delivers feedback to students as they write, not days after. 

Scribo Campus is a globally accessible platform connecting teachers, tutors and students with a single mission; to help students grow sustainable excellent English writing skills through quality feedback and guidance. Scribo applies to all levels of students.

Clever Artificial Intelligence (AI) powers Scribo feedback, delivering comprehensive feedback on what to do next, instantly. Importantly, Scribo does much more than correct students, Scribo actively advises next steps and instant guidance. Scribo is now used by hundreds of thousands of students every day to help them grow their English writing skills and be assessment ready, in less time and with less stress.

Scribo integrates into where and how students work with a range of connected workflows and guidance levels that support writing every day. We believe writing and feedback connections are much more important than simple writing corrections. All students, at all levels of learning, bring Scribo into their life to help them improve their writing skills when they need support.

Welcome to Scribo Campus. We look forward to working with you.

“Literatu Scribo is not the kind of software where you have to make it work – because it just does.” Gabriel Suppiah

“Scribo builds better writing skills” Ira Atiqah