MCE and Scribo get English writing skills advancing across Asia

Marshall Cavendish Education is the largest K-12 publisher in Asia. Scriblet fits in as the new Writing Buddy application , accessible to over 100,000 primary teachers to support writing growth across a range of Asian countries. 

MCE has created  over 175 scaffolded writing resources in Scribo for teachers and students across years 2- 8 , complete with examples, writing plans, scaffolds and exemplars. It’s an awesome resource bank that we want to bring to Australia in 2021 for our schools and teachers here.

Writing Buddy integrates with Scribo via API to give all teachers and students a seamless single sign on experience. Writing Buddy connects with live monitoring and teacher feedback as well.

Believe us when we say the whole world is learning to write better English. Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia all have set a challenging education agendas to get students equipt for a post covid world. 

Of course these countries don’t all have the number of senior English  teachers they need – that’s where Scribo and MCE fit right in supporting teachers and students with great feedback. These countries see English as being a key to their country’s economic development and future.