The trilemma facing English and humanities teachers

There is a trilemma facing all K-12 English and Humanities teachers. To improve writing skills students need more practice, more feedback and more targeted instruction. Teachers are forced to choose between what they can achieve in the time they have and what is really needed. There is no time and resource for more, for each student.

This trilemma helps explain why NAPLAN writing results decline year on year. The answer is not more formative and summative testing or more homework. The word ‘more’ needs to stop being used. To improve student writing skills we need to help teachers change the game, allowing writing practice, feedback and instruction to co-exist in the classroom, as teaching and learning happens. We must also change our thinking. More workloads, programs and overtime won’t work either.

Literatu works with leading schools and teachers to optimise teacher time and improve student writing skills. Using game changing technology, Scribo accompanies teachers to deliver the ‘more’ everyone is looking for. #Scribo #trilemma #LiteratuEdu